(Cad for TV/SAT Distributions)
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VERSION 5.1 free upgrade from versions 4 and 5 available
faster and with more powerful project wizards.

Demos of ProAnt 5 available.

ProAnt is a software package that simplifies and speeds up the design of multiple cable headends and distribution networks for TV/SAT signals according to the European standards. It works under Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows NT. In few minutes ProAnt computes whether a headend and distribution network conform to the regulations, identifying possible errors, produces all the required documentation of the project, and produces an estimate of expenditures that includes an estimate of labor time.

ProAnt is provided with several component libraries for the most known producers. From this page you can download the most updated versions of all the libraries and of the software.

ProAnt with an optional mast module which can be used to design automatically the mast for the antennas of a plant.